Aidan Harris - How Not To Use Docker Aidan Harris - How Not To Use Docker
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Docker is an amazing tool that's perfect for building Microservices. I'm still learning to use it and if I'm being honest, I quite like it. I could see its power from the onset. Docker is essentially a virtual machine (VM) without the overhead of a VM (note: Docker isn't actually a VM I'm generalising here) unless you (ab)use it like me. You might have noticed that I've recently added a "Portfolio" section to this website to better market myself. The problem I had, was taking a local Vagrant environment and deploying it to an existing VPS. Docker solves this problem rather nicely. It's a horrible way to use Docker but all I needed to do to get things up and running was create a Dockerfile using the ubuntu:trusty image and add each line of my shell provisioning script to the Dockerfile as RUN statements and create a bootstrap file to handle starting the LAMP stack once a container has started. The result works rather nicely, however, I'll likely investigate alternative solutions since monolithic Docker containers are unlikely to hold their own against large amounts of traffic and may not scale very well.