Aidan Harris - Installing Dotnet Core on Arch Linux Aidan Harris - Installing Dotnet Core on Arch Linux
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Installing and running dotnet core on ArchLinux is a bit of a pain. Thankfully there are some packages in the AUR which slightly ease the process.

Re-Compiling OpenSSL

Arch has removed support for openssl-v3 compatibility. This means you will need a patched version of OpenSSL before you even do anything else. Luckily this is easy enough to do. Install customizepkg-git from the AUR. Once customizepkg is installed add the following to /etc/customizepkg.d/openssl: replace#global#no-ssl3-method#zlib replace#global#no-ssl3#zlib Now patch openssl as follows: yaourt -S openssl

Install Dotnet Core (sdk, coreclr and cli)

pacaur -S --needed icu icu58 libunwind lldb dotnet dotnet-cli dotnet-sdk

Testing Installation

mkdir -p /tmp/dotnet
cd /tmp/dotnet
export DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT=1 # You're going to want to add this to your shell's rc file
dotnet new console
dotnet restore
dotnet build
dotnet run


Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This can be fixed by removing the templating directory as follows: rm -rf ~/.templateengine dotnet/templating#657